What is a glitter tattoo?

A glitter tattoo is a design that is adheared to the body using medical grade adheasive and body glitter. Each desgin is waterproof, sweatproof and generally fairly durable. Once applied the design will last 5 days, or longer, if properly cared for.

Glitter tattoos are a great option to add onto a Facepainting session or to have done during the hot sweaty summer months. It's also a great idea for older kids and adults who generally don't want their faces painted.

Below shows the process of how a glitter tattoo is applied.

This picture shows a purple self-adheasive stencil that has been placed on the skin. In this case the little girl chose a Hello Kitty desgin and she wanted it on her leg.

After the desgin is firmly stuck to the skin a medical grade adheasive is applied and allowed to air dry.

After the glue is dry glitter is added over the exposed areas of the stencil using a small brush. This is where being artistic can come in handy! Excess glitter is brushed away from the stencil and then it is gently peeled off the skin.

And this is the end result! A beautiful desgin that can come in a huge variety of colors and lasts for days! Simply pat dry after bathing/showering and be careful not to rub or scratch it and it will stay for a long time.